JadeBorn and raised in the country surrounded by geese, chickens and sheep, I was smitten by all sorts of animals since my first steps. My parents, poultry farmers, gave me the opportunity to not only play and cuddle with all sorts of animals, but also to raise them -  keeping their health and well being in mind.

Growing up, more artistic passions emerged. Piano, painting, ballet, figure skating, singing - well, almost everything! In CEGEP, even though becoming a veterinarian seemed written in the stars for me, I had no idea which discipline I should commit to therefore I chose a program in which I could study everything. Even though theatre and history interested me greatly, my science and biology courses were without question my favorites.

Living far from the country and from animals during my studies made me realize how much I needed them in my life. I was so excited to go back home on the weekends. Even getting up at five in the morning by the rooster's crow didn't annoy me anymore - in fact it was just the opposite!

So, it was with confidence and determination that I entered into veterinary medicine. The five years I spent at Saint-Hyacinthe studying animal health were exhilarating and full of great challenges. I met so many great people - professors and friends who helped shape me into the person I am now.

After being charmed by the Clinique Vétérinaire Plateau Mont Royal, I settled down into this marvelous neighbourhood that was unfamiliar to me. Happily, I have met people who are passionate about nature and their animals. I feel so lucky to be living and working in an area where community and charity are so highly valued.

I practice my profession with joy, passion, and pride. And it's my pleasure to meet you!