This is Mamma Cat. She is more than our clinic cat; she is part of our family. We think she was born in 2007. She was brought to us when she was about a year old and ready to give birth. She had 5 kittens, 4 males who were adopted and 1 female named Mel who was kept by one of our technicians along with Mamma cat. Due to severe family allergies, Mamma cat and Mel ended up back at the clinic to be rehomed in 2016. Unfortunately, Mel’s life ended early due to a severe heart condition but we keep in mind that she lived a great life in a loving home and when she was sick she was in the perfect place - a vet clinic!

Mamma Cat adapted very quickly and took over the clinic as her own. The reception desk has become her lounging area and she adores being showered with love. She is very laid back but will let you know what she wants! She will sit by the kitchen sink waiting for you to open the faucet to drink from and enjoys laying on top of the reception phone and ‘’accidentally’’ speed dialling Dr. Weissmann (clinic owner)! She is actually quite the hunter and enjoys playtime in the morning before we open. She will also let you know if you are late for her dinner time!

Mamma cat is hyperthyroid and is carefully monitored and medicated for it. She has also has a heart condition that is being followed. Most clients see her as the lazy cat sleeping at the front desk but she is actually supervising. She keeps track of everything and keeps us on our toes!

When a client showed interest in adopting her, everyone's hearts dropped and we realized that within the 2 years of her being at the clinic, not only did she make us very happy but she made her mark here and is very happy herself. So, we decided to keep her! All in all, she is not only our clinic cat but really a family member who we love and care for because she is truly one of a kind! Come say hi to Mamma Cat sleeping at reception the next time you stop by or follow her on our Instagram!