Mentana Poire-Prest

Veterinary Technician

Mentana Poire-Prest
Mentana Poire-Prest Veterinary Technician

Having worked at the clinic for over eleven years, I can now call myself the most senior technician at the clinic. I can say I have seen the great evolution the clinic has gone through over the last decade. 

My love for animals brought me into this amazing animal health world when I graduated from Vanier College in 2011 as a certified animal health technician. 

My role has also evolved over the years, and it is now my pleasure to be present part-time in our boutique, to advise you and answer or follow up on many of your questions concerning your little loved ones. 

Our health and that of those of the animals around us is so precious, it is my mission to make a difference in those around me and this is one of the many ways I feel I can accomplish this.