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Travelling With Your Pet

Below is helpful information and a list of documents we require in order to prepare for your upcoming travel appointment with us. 

Travelling within North America:

An up-to-date Rabies vaccine is required for dogs, or if they have never been vaccinated for Rabies, it is generally required to be done at least 30 days before crossing the border. If they have been vaccinated for rabies at another clinic please email us the proof of vaccine before your appointment so that we can prepare your document ahead of time. If the rabies vaccine was done here, no problem, we will have the information we need!  

Each airline has different requirements for travel, please check with your airline to be sure you meeting their specific requirements. For more information on travelling to the states please click here.

Travelling outside of North America:

Please note that the majority of countries outside of North America require that a microchip is implanted before or at the same time as their rabies vaccine. If the microchip was placed after the rabies vaccine, or you do not have proof that the microchip was done before the vaccines, you might need to revaccinate and wait 30 days following this vaccine before travelling. Some countries also require a rabies titre test, which can take 4-6 weeks to process; please provide yourself ample time to complete the process correctly. 

In order for us to properly fill in your paperwork please send us this information by email before your appointment: 

  • Proof of Rabies vaccine with the serial number (if not done at our clinic). *Without the serial number, the country may require that we revaccinated and that you wait 30 days before travelling after the revaccination. 
  • Proof of microchip and implantation date, if there is no implantation date that you can provide proof for; we will scan your pet for a microchip at your appointment and provide a certificate, but your country of destination may require that we re-vaccinate for rabies.  
  • Country of destination, and address of the place of stay in this country. 
  • Date of departure. 

Please call the Canadian Food Inspection Agency at 514-283-8888 before your appointment with us in order to inform yourself of the exact steps required by the country in which you are travelling to. The veterinarians of the CFIA are experts in pet travel and can help guide you through the specific recommendations of the country to which you are traveling. Please note that recommendations and regulations change every year, even if you have traveled to this country with your pet before; we recommend that you check with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to ensure no new requirements have been added since you last travelled. If you require further assistance, companies such as Manoir Kanisha can help you navigate these steps or export your pet for you if you are no longer in the country. 

Generally, health exams are done by a veterinarian within 10 days prior to travel. It is an important step, when travelling outside North America, that the travel documents provided at this appointment are approved for export by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Please call the CFIA at 514-283-8888 to book an appointment after your visit at our clinic. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at info@vetplateau.com or call us at 514-842-5490. We will be happy to assist you with any questions within our ability.